healthy-natureal-food-gersonHave you ever wondered how effective natural cancer treatments can be? When Margot was diagnosed with breast cancer years ago, it didn’t even occur to us to use natural methods. We took the advice of her oncologist and went through rounds of chemo and radiation. Ultimately, she did not survive.

If we had known to pursue natural cancer treatments by focusing on diet and lifestyle changes, who knows what the outcome could have been.

I am not dwelling on whether or not if we had followed a different route the outcome would have been different and she would have been cured. But after all I have experienced since then with the natural therapies, either by themselves or in conjunction with conventional medical treatments, I believe that at least they support the body in the healing process. And with that, people can be cured.

So what would I have done then, with what I know now? Here is one natural cancer treatment with a lot of science behind it that thousands of people have used to heal their bodies.

gerson-way-bookThe Gerson Therapy is named after Dr. Max Gerson, a pioneer in the natural treatment of cancer. Albert Schweitzer called him, “one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine.”

Dr. Gerson helped hundreds of cancer patients enliven their bodies’ incredible power to heal by recommending a regimen of organic, plant-based foods, raw juices, coffee enemas, beef liver and natural supplements.

The Gerson Therapy is a diet that targets the metabolic requirements in the body by having patients consume 15–20 pounds of organically grown fruits and vegetables per day. By eating only organic fruits, vegetables and sprouted ancient grains, the Gerson Diet is rich in minerals, enzymes and vitamins as well as low in fats, proteins and sodium. It uses fresh pressed juice from raw foods. Gerson believed this is the easiest way of providing high quality nutrition. Some of the juices include raw carrots or apples and green-leaf juice. The Therapy employs coffee enemas as the key method to detox, which can mean up to five enemas each day. And finally, the Gerson Therapy also uses organic therapies including Lugol’s solution, pancreatic enzymes, potassium compound, thyroid hormone and Vitamin B12.

The cure rates for people using the Gerson Therapy vary depending on who you ask. According to the Gerson Institute, 90-95 percent of his cancer cases cured were far advanced (terminal), and overall Dr. Gerson’s cure rate was about 50 percent, which is exceptional because he counted all of his patients, not just those who lived for a year or more. This percentage is far higher than current day orthodox treatments and higher than most alternative cancer treatments.