Apply For An Emergency Grant

Thank you for your interest in applying for support from the Love from Margot Foundation. We are glad you found us and we will contact you shortly after you submit your completed application along with the required supplemental documentation.

*Please be aware that currently we are not processing new applications for immediate support. We are still accepting applications to be added to our waitlist so please submit your applications thoroughly and we will be in contact.

We like to keep our application simple and as seamless as possible, but we do require an initial intake meeting with each client as well as income, address, and identification verification and your original/most current diagnosis (usually in the form of a pathology report) to approve your application with the foundation. Please use the form below to submit all your information to us.

Please use the following link if you or someone you know cannot access our website and requires a downloadable form, which we can accept through mail to 2740 Broadway, Oakland CA 94612. Otherwise, we really prefer that you please fill out the online Grant Application below.

Click Here to Download a Love From Margot Foundation Grant Application

Please ensure to include the following items with your application. Incomplete applications may not be considered:

  1. Photo Submission
  2. Income Verification (income Statement/W2)
  3. Original Diagnosis AND Most Recent Diagnosis