Yvonne K., was a vibrant woman of 61 prior to last fall. A life-long resident of Oakland, she has 2 sons and 3 granddaughters (1, 18 and 20). She often cares for her little granddaughter. In mid 2015, she suffered a back injury and was unable to walk for 5 months. After time off of work because of injury, she was fired from her job. While recovering from her back injury in January, she felt a lump in her left breast. She quickly called her doctor and went in for a mammogram. She has stage III breast cancer. Just a month later, she had a mastectomy and is scheduled for chemotherapy and radiation. Always independent, she now relies on her family and a small unemployment check for support. She is concerned about becoming homeless soon if her finances do not improve. Complicating her situation is that her son is currently out of work and looking for a job. She calls her caseworker at Alta Bates an “Angel” for helping her connect to the Love from Margot Foundation and is very grateful to us for the financial support we granted her.