chakrasnigisuIf you were to ask a scientist what the universe is made of, they would probably say “energy”. Many people already know that. But did you know that energy begins with light? Light is also vibrating just like the rest of the universe. In the case of light it vibrates at frequencies that sometimes can’t be seen by us humans. This means that the human eye is only capable of seeing light in a fairly narrow range of what we call visible light.

But regardless of whether we can see the color of a certain frequency of light, I believe we have an innate ability to detect the vibrations of other things and people. Along those lines, an ancient system of health was developed in what is now India called the “Chakra” system. The Indian Chakra system has been used for thousands of years to diagnose aliments, increase spiritual experiences and even for some people to reach “enlightenment”.

How it works is that certain colors correspond to the different energy centers that we now know are called “chakras”. Each chakra of the body is believed to help balance, store and distribute much needed energy needed for a healthy life. And you can come to appreciate the usefulness of different colors by relating them to their chakras because each chakra has a corresponding color. From bottom to top, the chakras and their corresponding colors are listed below. As you can tell, the higher chakras relate to higher positions in the body, higher vibrational colors and higher, more evolved needs (like spiritual connectivity), while the lower chakras relate to lower positions in the body, lower vibrational colors and lower, more basic needs (like survival). chakrasThey are in a range of increasing frequency, like a thermometer. This means that the lower colors vibrate at the lowest level and the higher colors vibrate at the highest:

1. Root Chakra “Muladhara” is Red: Survival, protection, being grounded

2. Sacral Chakra “Swadhisthana” is Orange: Sexuality, creativity

3. Solar Plexus/Naval Chakra “Manipura” is Yellow: Power

4. Heart Chakra “Anahata” is Green: Love

5. Throat Chakra “Vishuddha” is Blue: Communication, speech, hearing

6. Third Eye Chakra “Anja” is Indigo: Intuition, dreams, psychic ability

7. Crown Chakra “Sahasrara” is Ultraviolet White: Associated with spirituality, enlightenment and connection with Source Energy

While it’s true that some colors (like purple) have a higher vibration and frequency than other colors (like red), each color in the chakra system has a unique purpose. You can use them to do things like decide things like what clothes to wear, what color car to buy, or what color to paint your room by how you feel about it. Also, you can choose colors to improve your health. Depending on what you want to experience in life, you can surround yourself with the colors that correspond to the chakras that seem to support you in creating your live and health reality the way you want.