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Out of multi-millions of books on Amazon Love Unfiltered was #950 at one point, and #4 in the Self Help / Motivation category! This was all due to your help in purchasing a copy and leaving a great review.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

100% of the proceeds go to the Love from Margot Foundation and your support has helped to touch many women. 

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‘Love Unfiltered’ is continually available for purchase.
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This book has a wonderful story, breakthrough principles and the proceeds help women battling cancer.

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Praise For “Love Unfiltered”

“I was moved to tears and laughter and truly inspired to risk it all for love.”

~Marcia Wieder

“A must read. In Love Unfiltered, Mike Murphy is revealed as a sincere, honest, emotionally stricken and physically wounded person, yet “resurrected” after discovering, accepting and embracing “love” as the simple truth of life. Love Unfiltered is a collection of “mini-books” on the essence of life. It is inspirational, simple to read and practical to follow. Every chapter is a self-sustaining lesson on certain virtues of our lives; when read together they become a “way of life”. The book leaves the reader with a feeling of peace and strength, it could not have been written by someone who has not lived its adversities.”

~Samir Rohayem

“What an incredible book. Written in a way that you feel like the author is telling you his story over coffee. Very honest in every thought and feeling even when it doesn’t flatter the author. The humor is so great and makes you laugh out loud. The pain is so intense that it’s hard not to just sob with him. I would highly recommend this book. Author did an excellent job of articulating his feelings! Would be an excellent resource for helping someone with their own grief or dealing with your own.”

~Michelle Garcia