Sandra’s Story

Sandra applied to the Love from Margot Foundation in late summer of 2012 and at the time was battling Stage 3 breast cancer while being place on disability. Her annual income totaled $24,000 which did not cover her living and medical expenses for herself and her daughters. The Love from Margot Foundation has provided $5,000 in financial support and the support is ongoing.

Sandra’s Testimonial

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer on April 30, 2012. I was working two part-time jobs, no health insurance and in the process of separating from my husband. I was not only in shock from the diagnosis but terrified of how I would take care of my children with the basics. I was placed on disability and earned $57.00 per week. My husband was helping as much as he could, but I did not have enough to take care of the monthly bills. I was told about The Love From Margot Foundation and found angels here on Earth. I requested a Grant and was approved to receive a monthly amount. I can say the Grant saved me and my children from losing our apartment, gave us electricity, and helped with gas for school and my treatments. It also helped with the phone so that I could stay in communication with my children and my doctors. I am so grateful for the help Mike Murphy and the Love From Margot Foundation have provided to me. I could not have made it thus far without their aid. I cannot express the gratitude I feel. The ability to focus on my treatments and recovery is a tremendous blessing. I believe the stress relieved from the Grant helped me to heal faster and stronger. I continue with treatment and look forward to the day I am in remission and able to return to work.

Sincerely, Sandra