Rachel is 24 year old women who resides in Palm Springs, CA. Here is the letter she wrote to The Love from Margot Foundation:

“Being a newly single mother, 24, to my 5 month old son and being diagnosed with cancer has definitely been a traumatic shock not only to me but to my family, especially being the first to ever have cancer. This illness has definitely taken a toll on me and life as it came along with so many other changing events. During this time, I also found out that I had an inflamed kidney that was only working half of it’s ability. I had to have a tube put in my side to drain the built-up fluids. Also during this time, I had to see numerous doctors to see who would be able to remove my gallbladder. It was the pain in my side, the gallstones, that was so intense and actually led to the discovery of the cancer. All these events have caused me to extend my maternity leave multiple tines as they came right after giving birth to my son.

Since being on leave so long, I have been let go from my job, of almost 4 years, as they were unable to extend my time off any more. At this point I only have disability, which is helpful, but only about 1/2 of what I was making and trying to pay my bills/rent. Having a newborn has only added to my financial need.

Luckily during this time I have had my mother to help me with the baby but only due t her own unfortunate situation of being laid off. It is a blessing to have her there to care for me and my son when I am weak and unable to.

You asked “what is my greatest need?”, and that is a hard question to answer. There are so many needs that it is hard to pin point only 1. What I am looking for is just any kind of help you can give me.

I am truly grateful for an organization like yours that are there to help people in need like myself. I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.”

The Love from Margot Foundation was able to provide Rachel and her newborn child with a financial grant to help them get back on their feet throughout her treatments.