Pennie is an older woman who lives alone in an apartment in Oakland. She has had more than her share of health complications. In addition to her breast cancer diagnosis, which she received in December 2015, she also has congestive heart failure and diabetes. She has undergone three surgeries related to breast cancer already, and she will undergo another next week. She used to live a very fulfilled life, working at Kaiser and raising her children. She has always been very civically engaged in the community and in church. Since her diagnosis, however, she has had to stay home and has been facing severe depression. She is mentally stressed by all of the physical stress her body has undergone and how long it has taken her to heal. Her financial situation makes matter worse, as she is behind on bills and received a warning notice from her landlord about her late rent payments.

Pennie has used the support from the Love from Margot Foundation to help catch up on her bills and rent, which brought peace of mind and a feeling of security. Despite all of her troubles, Pennie said that she is just “happy to be alive” and grateful for the support she’s gotten from family, friends and even strangers. She has been especially touched by the assistance from her neighbors, who have brought her food from Costco and whose children have given her “get well soon” cards. She is a very sweet woman who wants to live the rest of her life in calm and peace.