Pearl is a 69 year old woman who lives in American Canyon, CA. Pearl was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. Prior to her diagnosis, Pearl worked for the department of corrections. For 10 years she was a teacher and counselor at San Quentin. After receiving her treatments, Pearl worked hard to rebuild her garden which had faltered during her year of fighting cancer. Pearl grows pure, organic, non GMO vegetables and distributes them to her community. Hoping to provide families in need with fresh produce and educating them on the importance of healthy eating. Pearl is one of the most honest, genuine souls I have ever met. She still brings The Love from Margot Foundation vegetables any time she is in the area.

The Love from Margot Foundation was able to provide Pearl with a financial grant over the course of 4 months. The Love from Margot is also planning on helping Pearl expand her garden so that she can supply more families in her area with fresh and healthy produce.