Our Mission

We envision a world in which those who fall sick are never alone, never forced to make a medical decision based on economic factors, and never lose their dignity while battling to survive their illness. This vision includes the empowerment of the sick to make all of the difficult decision that come with facing a serious illness with a healthy heart and a healthy soul.

Our Guiding Principles

We are committed to being non-judgmental, open, and caring. We are respectful of differences, especially in regard to class, race, culture, sexual preference, and spiritual beliefs. .

1. Purity of Mission:  We are committed to giving 100% of your donation directly to support our clients, thus Founder Mike Murphy continues to cover all overhead and expenses to keep the foundation running.

2. One of a Kind:  We know that each applicant’s situation is unique. We meet with every applicant to full understand each woman’s current situation in a holistic and personal approach and ensure that we are helping in the most effective way.

3. Simplicity of Process:  We carry out our work in a loving way, make the application process simple and non-stressful, and work with integrity to serve.

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“If the Love from Margo Foundation did not step in, my insurance would have been canceled, and I would not have been able to complete my treatment, and I would not have had a successful recovery. I will still need follow-up visits with my doctor and surgery to remove a chemo device as well as regular monitoring to make sure I’m in good health … I am truly blessed to have encountered such a genuine and authentic organization that helped deliver me financially and gave me support in a time of darkness. I am forever grateful.”
Malou, Love from Margot Foundation Grantee
“I could not have made it thus far without their aid. I cannot express the gratitude I feel. The ability to focus on my treatments and recovery is a tremendous blessing. I believe the stress relieved from the Grant helped me to heal faster and stronger. I continue with treatment and look forward to the day I am in remission and able to return to work.”
Sandra, Love from Margot Foundation Grantee