Nick’s Story

The Love From Margot Foundation has paid $8,000 to assist Nick’s parents pay for heroin addiction treatment.

Nick’s Parents Testimonial

This letter comes to you with our sincere thanks and appreciation to your foundation. Simply put, without the generosity of Love from Margot, our son, Nicholas might very well not be alive today! Nick has battled with Heroin Addiction for three years. We don’t want to sound like the proverbial cliché, but Nicholas was not raised to become an addict. The point is, addiction knows no economic or demographical limits. it can happen to anyone! As loving parents, We exhausted multiple recovery programs, but without much success. In August of this past year, Nicholas needed serious help in finding the right course of action. Financially, we had previously committed many dollars that were not effective in his recovery. With the assistance from Love from Margot, we were able to research and secure the very best program tailored to Nick’s needs. That alone was an amazing step forward. Nick entered a quality rehabilitation program called St. Gregory’s located in Iowa, which he successfully completed! We are proud to say that Nick has been clean for four consecutive months through diligence and much soul searching. He has faced his demons, he has embraced his strengths and we feel as if our son has been returned to us! How to thank you for this is no small feat! But we felt the need to share our story so that the Foundation can continue to assist many others who struggle with this devastating illness. Please know that our family will be forever indebted and grateful to Love from Margot!!

Sincerely, Tim and Nancy

Nancy’s Poem

Good bye heroin
Its time for you to go.
You snuck into our lives,
How? I’ll never know.
Ever so quietly,
There you were.
And now here we are,
It’s all such a blur.
You told my son
How great he would feel.
You forgot to say
It was always your deal.
So quickly you slipped
Your noose around his neck.
Pulling it tighter
With each hit he took.
Pretty soon,
The high was not the same.
Now he needs you daily,
It’s always been your game.
At first you felt great,
That’s what I’ve been told.
Then all HELL breaks loose,
So many people,
So many lives,
Have fallen into your grips,
So only you could thrive.
Not only is the addicted effected,
But everyone around.
Our lives have been ruined,
But we will rebound!
My boy is stronger than you,
Just so you know.
He is a better person, Because GOD tells me so.

So get out of our lives
And leave others alone.

Your not what you promised,
Your story has flown.
If I sound like I’m pleading,
And asking you sweetly,
You couldn’t be more wrong
I’m screaming . . RELEASE ME!!.
GOD is stronger than you,
That’s one thing I know,
So good bye herion
I’m done feeling low
A moms prayer.