happy-new-year-wallpaper-lfmHere at the Love From Margot Foundation, we wish you a wonderful holiday season. And with the New Year just a few days away, we want to take a moment to offer a few New Year’s resolutions for everyone, especially those struggling with cancer or chronic disease. Some of these might not apply to you given where you are in your personal experience – but some might, as our hope is that we someday have a world where no one faces cancer without hope.

New Year’s Resolution 1: Become an advocate for yourself

We know that making treatment decisions for yourself or with loved ones can be overwhelming. Particularly for those of use with no medical background. But there are ways to bridge this gap. Resources such as our new International Cancer Cures website, coming in 2017, can help you with ideas about alternative treatments for your form of cancer.

New Year’s Resolution 2: Remain healthy throughout the year

Whether you’re entering treatment or in recovery, nutrition and physical activity are crucial ways to stay healthy and move into a new phase of life. Looking into alternative treatments, eating right and maintaining your body’s physical shape and stamina will go a long way toward beating cancer and preventing its recurrence. Check out our prior blogs which share how to take care of yourself holistically this coming year.

New Year’s Resolution 3: Think Outside the Box

So many developments are happening around us, it seems impossible to keep up with them all. Look into approaches to healing that interest you, to find out what might be appealing: Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment, Therapies That Are Actually Curing Cancer, and When Conventional Science Doesn’t Work.

New Year’s Resolution 4: Move from Your Head to Your Heart

These days we live so much inside our own heads that at times we can barely remember to feel. Disease has its roots in the deepest part of who we are. This holiday season, spend some quiet time moving from your thoughts to your feelings. How are you? What is your life like? Are you still connecting with the sweetness of each day? When we move from our heads to our hears, anything is possible. To a wonderful holiday season and a thriving New Year!