Nancy R. is a 54-year-old woman who was re-diagnosed with breast cancer in earlier this year. When she re-discovered a lump in her right breast she went straight to her doctor to have it checked out. The doctor she saw did an exam, felt the lump and told her not to worry- that it was merely a bone, not a tumor. Nancy knew that it wasn’t just a bone, and something was not right. She went to see three separate doctors to confirm what she knew all along, that her cancer had returned. This time around her treatment plan included a mastectomy of the right breast. Throughout her first rounds of treatment for her initial diagnosis she had found relief that a mastectomy wasn’t necessary. Since having her mastectomy Nancy has fallen on financial, emotional and physical stress. A part of her surgery failed, meaning she had to start receiving radiation with an open wound, as well as having to treat herself privately in her home. Her significant other had made the choice to leave her a few months after her surgery which left her financially and emotionally out of place. She now feels as if she is fighting this cancer alone, and has no one on her side.

After reaching out to the Love from Margot Foundation we found an immense amount of light and courage in Nancy. The Love from Margot Foundation was able to provide Nancy with a financial grant to help her sort out her financial needs, as well as recommended a few local support groups for her to attend.