Miriam’s Story

Miriam is a former registered nurse and mother of 10 who has been diagnosed with triple negative stage 4 breast cancer. She first noticed something was wrong when she was nursing her youngest child. She thought it was an abcess in her left breast. What she thought was an abcess continued to grow. After a check-up, biopsy and mammogram she received her diagnosis. On July 16, 2013 Miriam had a mastectomy. Her oncologist recommended chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. She refused due to her unwavering belief in Christ and that the Lord will heal her naturally with proper nutrition. Her husband has medical insurance, but her co-pays are costly. The Love from Margot Foundation is supporting Miriam with her co-pays for doctor visits and medications.

Miriam’s Shanti Letter

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About the Author:

I envision a world in which those who fall sick are never alone, never forced to make a medical decision based on economic factors, and never lose their dignity while battling to survive their illness. This vision includes the empowerment of the sick to make all of the difficult decision that come with facing a serious illness with a healthy heart and a healthy soul.

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