Maxine D. lived the life of the normal working class woman all her life, working for the city of Alameda, she made a decent living for herself. In September 2013, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2014 she had a recurrence in her right breast and had developed an aggressive tumor in her left breast. During a scan in 2015, cancer was detected in her lungs. Her road to recovery has been strenuous on her mentally and physically. She’s been in chemotherapy since July, every three weeks, and just finished up five weeks of radiation. Because of her treatment Maxine developed peripheral neuropathy in her hands and feet. This affects her ability to walk as well being able to write and hold things. She is very scared for what the future may hold for her and she wants to keep fighting but says her finances are beating her down. She is a caregiver for her mentally ill sister and fears if she passes nobody will be around to help in the care of her sister. That is what motivates her to keep fighting and not give up; she wants to hold death off as long as possible.

The Love from Margot Foundation was able to provide Maxine with a financial grant so that she could help pay for transportation, her medical co-payments and prescriptions for her treatment.