Marty is a 61 year old woman living in Fremont, CA. She has a fighting spurt and is working as hard as she can to manage her health challenges.

She was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer in 2007 which has progressed to stage IV and has metastasized to her spine. She suffers from severe pain related to her cancer. In addition to the cancer, she suffered a stroke 3 years ago and continues to have seizures. She is an insulin-dependent diabetic, has hypertension and high cholesterol. She has had several rounds of radiation and chemotherapy for her cancer. She recently had a procedure to relieve her pain related to her spinal mets. She is hopeful that it will help decrease her pain.

Marty tries to limit her use of pain medication because it makes her sleepy. She says she passes most days alone in her house sleeping. She has tried to raise her pain threshold so she can safely leave the house occasionally (without taking pain medications). When she goes out, it is usually to travel a few blocks to the grocery store.

Prior to her recent health challenges, she was a credit analyst and owned her own home. She currently receives medicare and long term disability payments. She has been able to stay in her home, but her financial situation is extremely limited. She receives meals on wheels deliveries for one meal per day. She reports that the portions very small and she has to supplement them.

Mary has a sister in town. Her sister helps her occasionally, but is facing her own challenges. She was taking care of her husband who had cancer and he recently died. Her sister is also currently considering moving to be closer to her daughter.

The Love from Margot Foundation was able to provide Marty with a financial grant to help her pay her rent, groceries and medication.