Imagine being a former U.S. Marine, risking your life to serve your country. Once you get back from active duty, you don’t want to live off of taxpayer dollars, but want to get a job to support yourself.

Reintegration into society is tough. The job market can be even tougher on those who were in military service. It’s not easy to get hired. Especially, if you have no teeth.

This is Joe Silva’s story.

Joe lost all his upper teeth and has only a few of his bottom ones left. He is a vet who after becoming homeless could not care for himself the way he would have liked. When you hardly have money to feed yourself on a daily basis, there are no funds left for your healthcare.

It starts with losing one tooth. Than comes another. Than it’s the avalanche effect…

Joe felt self-conscious about his appearance and grew a mustache to hide his missing teeth. But that did not help the problem of not being able to chew properly. The situation got so bad that Joe could not even eat cooked spaghetti. He was devastated and felt undignified, as at times he had to use the nails on his fingers as upper teeth, pushing against the lower ones to chew his food.

A once appreciated Marine who has given his all to his country – now feeling like a stray dog.

Yet Joe was not willing to give up and was adamant on finding a job. The brutal truth is that with no teeth, no interview lasts more than a minute. It takes 30 seconds to make a first impression, and no matter Joe’s skills and commitment to set his life straight, nobody would give him a chance.

That’s when good Samaritans referred Joe to the Love From Margot Foundation. They knew that the Foundation was helping cancer patients and other deserving people who are suffering through tragedy and serious setbacks. Joe’s request to the Love from Margot Foundation to help “put a smile on his face again” so that he can get a second chance at life, did not fall on deaf ears.

Working with Lydie Livolsi, a Dental Specialist with My Dental Wig’s, Joe was able to receive his dentures. Joe’s only current source of financial well being is through the Los Angeles County Food Stamps Program receiving a mere $194 per month. His new teeth were made possible by a grant in the amount of $2,615. It is our heartfelt hope that with his new, professional appearance, our retired vet, Joe, will be able to receive the opportunity he deserves to better his life.

The Love from Margot Foundation was created to change lives like Joe’s in a profound way. Our Foundation is sustained and all grants are currently paid for by our Founder, Mike Murphy. We hope that the stories you read here on our blog will inspire you to contribute and help us help more deserving people. If you feel inspired by a particular story, please go to and make a donation by selecting the Grant Recipient’s name. You can also show your support by going to our prayer commitment page and selecting a time to pray for that individual.

Thank you for your generosity in helping us give a hand-up to those that need it most. It is greatly appreciated.

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