Leah T. is a musician living in Berkeley. Originally from Madison, WI. She went to high school and college on the East Coast. After college, she got her first singing job at a club in France and has been a full time musician ever since. She mostly plays in small venues in the Bay Area, although she has had some recent international shows. Her favorite style is R&B. She also freelances in writing and producing other styles such as Latin jazz, rock and gospel. Leah is very positive about her life. She says she can’t believe that she has the opportunity to do what she loves for a living. She has tried to remain versatile in her styles and open herself up to new opportunities along the way. When she turned 40 in November, she had her first mammogram. She said that she could tell there was a problem by looking at the tech’s face. She was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. She had a lumpectomy in January and just finished week 1 of 4 radiation. Leah’s cancer treatment has affected her ability to make a living. Her music show are usually 3-4 hours and she has lacked stamina to be able to manage it. She looks forward to when her radiation is over and she has the ability to return to the work she loves.

The Love from Margot Foundation was able to give Leah a financial grant to help support her until her radiation is finished and she can return to pursuing her life passions.