Kristen is a 49 year old woman who currently resides in Oakland, CA. Kristen was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, when she first reached out to the Love from Margot Foundation. In 2015 the Love from Margot Foundation was able to step in to help her catch up on her bills that she had gotten behind on during her initial treatments. The support she received was something she had never received throughout the course of her life, she was blown away by the decency and integrity of the foundation, as well as the generosity in such a dark hour in her life.

When Kristen had reached out to the Love from Margot Foundation a year later, she had found herself out of work, struggling financially and not able to obtain a home to have a place to sleep and most of all a place to shower. She came to the foundation asking for basic hygiene products and a financial grant. The Love from Margot foundation was able to give Kristen a financial grant that she used as a security deposit in a clean home, where she could finally have a safe place to shower and care for herself, while she continues her treatment.