Julia is 45 year old woman who currently resides in Hayward, CA. She was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer at the beginning of 2013. She immediately underwent a mastectomy and began intensive chemotherapy and radiation. She is divorced and takes primary care of her 16 year old son. Julia’s sister was able to move in with her to provide in home care and take care of her son while undergoing her treatments.

Upon reaching out to the Love from Margot Foundation we were able to send a volunteer out to Julia’s home to speak with her. It was clear upon our volunteer’s arrival that Julia was in a dire state. Julia was confined to her bed with a steady dose of morphine, making her barely conscious throughout each day. Julia woke for a few minutes when our volunteer showed up and smiled and said the name “Mike”, the name of our founder, whom she had known was responsible for the financial support she had been receiving from the Love from Margot Foundation.