Joe S. is a former U.S. Marine, he has no teeth left on his upper jaw and only a few on his lower jaw. As a homeless vet, with no teeth, Joe was having a hard time landing a job. Beyond that, it was hard for him to chew simple corn, spaghetti, let alone all nuts. Sometime he would even use his fingers as upper teeth to chew on certain foods. Being that he was self-conscious about interviewing for potential jobs. Joe felt that having no teeth was a major detriment to the hob opportunities afforded to him. Joe was referred to the Love from Margot Foundation by people who had heard about the ways the foundation was transforming people’s lives with their personal approach to helping cancer patients and other deserving people who are suffering through tragedy and setbacks. Joe’s request was that the Love from Margot Foundation help him, “put a smile on his face again”.

Working with Lydie Livolsi, a dental specialist with My Dental Wig’s, Joe was able to receive dentures made possible by a $2,615 grant from the Love from Margot Foundation. Joe’s only source of financial well-being is through food stamps, receiving $194 per month. It is our sincere hope that Joe is able to receive the opportunities he reserves as a retired Vet to work and earn wages to better his life.

The Love from Margot Foundation seeks to change lives like Joe’s in a profound way. Our Foundation and all grants are currently paid for by the founder, Mike Murphy. We hope that the stories you read here on the blog will inspire you to give back in one of two ways. First, if you feel inspired by a particular story of one of our Grant Recipients we ask that you go to: www.lovefrommargot.com and make a donation in the Grant Recipients name, or two- simply go to our prayer commitment page and select a time to pray for that individual.