Gloria J., 40, is a mother of three and a new grandmother to a baby girl. In 2014, she suffered a work related injury that left her in pain and unable to work. In September 2015, Gloria was hit with yet another blow, when she was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. Since her diagnosis, Gloria has been unable to work, leaving her husband as the sole financial provider for the growing family. Due to limited funds, the family has been unable to pay essential bills; leaving a lot of uncertainty about the future. The current financial situation has caused a lot of stress and anxiety fro Gloria, who in the last few months has endured chemotherapy and a lumpectomy surgery. Through it all, she has maintained her sunny disposition, even while experiencing many of chemotherapies ugly side effects. She credits her strong religious faith, and the love and support received from her family for getting her through these tough times.

Receiving the Love from Margot grant brought peace of mind to her family and allowed Gloria to focus on the next page of her cancer journey-recovery.