Gladys is a 90 year-old-woman who raised 7 children on her own in Oakland. Although she has lost 2 of her children, she now has 10 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren who live in the surrounding cities. A proud and strong woman, she supported her family over the years by working at an economic-opportunity organization and the post office. Later, she started her own program to serve developmentally disabled adults. In 2000, she suffered a stroke and aneurysm and had to give up her business.

Her faith is an important source of faith and strength for her. She has been at the same church for 25 years and was at her previous church for 40 years. One of her sons comes every Sunday to take her to church. She says the congregation helps her when she needs it, but does not ask often.

Her stroke left her with weakness and mobility challenges. She mostly relies on her family for transportation. But, she is able to go out on her own to do some shopping and to interact with people. She goes slowly and says she has to be patient with herself as to how much she can do. In September 2015, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has a partial mastectomy and very recently had surgery to help her vision. Recovery from the surgeries has been challenging for her physically and emotionally. Prior to her breast cancer surgery, she was attending an exercise class several times per week. She would like to return to the class once she feels stronger.

Gladys has a caretaker who comes 2-3 times per week. Between her caretaker and her family, she feels supported and can meet most of her household needs. She likes to manage on her own and says that she does not like to bother her family too much. The Love from Margot Foundation was able to provide her with financial support to help assist her with her rent and her other household needs. Despite her financial and health challenges, she says her greatest concern is the spirituality of her family.