Geneva R. has a story of faith and encouragement. She has a stroke in 2014 that caused her to lose the use of her hands. A few short months later she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. In order for her to make it to treatment, her husband quit his job to help assist with the process, which in turn, has limited the amount of income that comes in to the home. Geneva has radiation every day for 7 weeks, as well as chemotherapy every 21 days.

Geneva’s husband is her biggest supporter, he takes care of her and before every treatment they go and pray over all the women getting treatment that day. She believes God is using her to help everyone remain strong and keep faith. Without her own religious belief and all the prayers from her church, husband and the other woman at the Epic Center, it is her belief that she wouldn’t still be surviving despite everything. The lack of income, has caused her to struggle to keep food on the table. They often have to go to food pantries and eat expired food because it’s their only option. She worries about being able to maintain her cancer treatment because her medical insurance has changed and covers less than it did before.

In April, Geneva will take on a new challenge, she will be losing one of her limbs because there’s no blood circulating within it. The Love from Margot Foundation was able to provide Geneva with a much needed financial grant to support her in this time.