I spoke with Fabiola via Skype, as she lives in Cathedral City. Fabiola’s story is incredible. She grew up in Mexico, and when she first exhibited signs of cancer at age 17; the medical staff there decided that it wasn’t urgent to do anything about it, so she went without treatment for five years. At age 22, she went to a hospital in Mexico City, and they told her that the only cure for her would be through a transfusion, and they didn’t have resources available. They sent her home with two weeks to live. Her aunts, who were living in Southern California at the time, found a way for her to come to the US and get treated at City of Hope hospital. Fabiola is extremely grateful for the urgent attention she received there. She was able to get a transfusion and had to stay in the hospital for nearly a year. Although the transfusion has improved the cancer, her body did not fully accept it, and she now faces various physical symptoms because of it. She continues to see a doctor every two months for symptom management. Despite all of her health struggles, Fabiola has completed extensive coursework of ESL classes (she is now fully proficient in English), she got her high school diploma, and she has just graduated from an Associate’s degree program in Psychology. She was recently admitted to a Bachelor’s degree  program, but she didn’t have the money to pay for it. In addition, she works on various social justice issues and is extremely engaged in her community. She runs a support group for isolated women at her church. She relies solely on two aunts and one uncle for food, housing, transportation, etc. She would use the support from the foundation to pay for transportation so that she can get to her appointments independently and be able to get a job to support herself. Her story and her passion is inspiring.

The Love from Margot Foundation gave Fabiola a financial grant to help support her through her treatments.