Ella’s Story

Ella is a beautiful single mom of a seventeen year old young man. She was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer in September of 2012 and after undergoing chemo, radiation, and hormone treatment she heard about the Love from Margot Foundation through her social worker in July of 2013. Before she was diagnosed, she worked full time and had great health coverage, but as the chemotherapy began to take it’s toll she had to stop working and eventually was laid off. With no employer, Ella lost her health insurance.  Her bills continue to add up, but her disability income does not cover the costs of living for her and her son. Her son is a good kid who stays out of trouble, does well in school, and loves to skateboard. The Love from Margot Foundation has approved a grant for Ella and committed to helping her make ends meet while she works to regain her strength emotionally, spiritually, and physically with the help of her doctors.