Elizabeth Michaud

Elizabeth is a 67 year old woman living in Castro Valley, CA. Elizabeth was diagnosed with uterine cancer in July of 2015. She immediately underwent intensive, 4 continuous months of chemotherapy and is currently participating in radiation therapy. One of the most astonishing things about Elizabeth is her unwavering faith. She has been blessed by her church pastor, someone who she can look to for emotional and spiritual support. Without the support and community of her church, she would have no one to turn to.

Elizabeth was let go from her job in 2007, due to downsizing, which happened to many. She looked for any job she could find, and at one point, for a year, had to resort to being homeless to allow her to save some money up to support herself. Shortly after finding a stable job, and obtaining a roof over her head, she found her self on the brink of homelessness again due to her diagnosis.

Elizabeth came to the Love from Margot Foundation after her social security increased by $12 a month, so they cancelled her Medical which means she has no more medical coverage for her ongoing radiation and the bills are stacking up. We were able to give Elizabeth our full grant amount of $2,000, and we hope in the future to be able to give so much more to Elizabeth and the women like her.