Elizabeth C. is a 53-year-old woman, who was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast cancer in November 2013. Her treatment plan includes lumpectomy surgery and radiation. Additionally, Elizabeth has a history of heart disease, which made seeking breast cancer treatment much more difficult. Elizabeth lives with her partner, who supports them both financially, in a studio apartment. The reason she is unable to work or claim disability is her immigration status. She moved to the bay area in April 2013 from Ireland to escape her ex-husband, who has been mentally abusive for many years. She and her partner have been friends online and he encouraged her to come to the United States, where the medical treatment facilities are easier to access. Throughout her breast cancer and heart treatments, the two of them have been struggling financially and have exhausted all resources available. Elizabeth reached out to the Love from Margot Foundation because her financial need had become overbearing. The Love from Margot Foundation was able to provide her with a financial grant so that she could purchase a cell phone, to feel more secure in case of a medical emergency, as well as to cover some of her medical expenses.