Doretea AP. sent the Love from Margot Foundation this letter: “I am in urgent need of financial assistance. My husband works as a day laborer, but it is not a stable source of income. My family qualifies for food stamps, but we are not eligible for unemployment or disability. Currently we are looking to move into a more affordable room. We are now renting a room in someone’s house for all three of us, but they charge too much for bills. We need help in paying deposit and next month’s rent for a new place and paying September’s rent and bills, as well as buying clothes and supplies for my daughter.

Also, I would like to buy clothes for my little girl, but I can’t because the money my husband earns is barely enough and sometimes not even enough to pay for rent. We cannot afford to live in an apartment of our own, so we rent a room in someone’s house and share the bills. But sometimes they charge us too much for bills. Last month we had to pay $500 for the room and PG&E.

I also think about my son, age 14, who stayed in Guatemala. He needs money food, shoes, clothes and school. Sometimes when I have the money I send some, but not always and that breaks my heart. My daughter just started school this year. She’s in kindergarten and I wish I could buy her shoes, a backpack and clothes.”

The Love from Margot Foundation was able to give Doretea a financial grant which allowed her to buy back to school clothes for her son and daughter, as well as sending money to Guatemala for her son to have food to eat.