In October of 2014 things changed for Deborah Wi. in a way she never imagined happening. Having worked at AT&T for thirteen years, life was going rather well for her. She went in for surgery for her right shoulder rotator cuff and was told it would go smoothly. She awakened from surgery and was told by her doctors that they had found cancer in her right breast. Deborah was confident that she could beat the cancer but before starting chemotherapy she took yet another blow; her job and comfort zone was moving to another state, because of her diagnosis and the treatment she needed she would not be able to move with them. She was now losing her medical insurance and being forced to sign up for disability. The approval process took an entire year which had put a huge strain on her financially. She lost her home in the process and with nowhere to go she was forced to live in her car. She has since been approved but has found it to be impossible to secure a home with no actual working income. Two years later she still lives in her car, sleeping in a motel twice a week so that she can have a place to shower and actually rest. She is very concerned for her safety of sleeping in her vehicle, especially when it is constantly breaking down on her. The series of events has sent Deborah into a depression, she’s angry with her body, she’s angry with God and she is angry with the doctors. She doesn’t understand why she’s been hit with so much in such a little time. She doesn’t know how much more she will be able to take but she’s not fully giving up. Deborah wants to live and find happiness again. She looks forward to using the grant to secure housing for herself and possibly her elderly mother. She misses cooking and taking warm baths.

The Love from Margot Foundation was able to provide Deborah with financial support to help her get back on her feet, and to feel safe again.