I went to the home of Constance H. in Berkeley. She shared her story very openly. Connie was a single parent and raised two children on her own. Throughout her life, she has dealt with many mental and physical health problems. She has diabetes, is partially blind, has a chronic skin rash, and suffers from bipolar disorder. In addition to the physical and mental impact they have on her, these illnesses are costly to manage. During her cancer treatment, her daughter’s family moved in with her to help care for her. Unfortunately, this increased the cost of maintaining the home and set Connie back on her bills. She has gotten support from her son to help defray costs, but she still owes money and struggles in general with making ends meet. She is religious and relies heavily on her own prayers and those of her community members. She has friends, but is often alone, and is currently experiencing a long period of depression. She has always been a caregiver and spends a lot of time focusing on others.

The Love from Margot Foundation was able to give Connie a financial grant which she used to help cover the cost of her medication, groceries, and to cover her utility costs.