Christine A. has an inspiring story of strength and resilience in the face of severe adversity. I met with her in the home where she has lived for three months since escaping a verbally and physically abusive relationship with her husband of many years. Christine’s cancer treatment involved five weeks of daily radiation, which was extremely painful for her. Even during this time, her husband was abusive to her and gave her no support. Despite all of this, the medical staff nicknamed her “bubbles” for her cheerful and strong personality and for completing her treatment until the end. Christine is physically disabled, making it very hard for her to get around. She leaves her home with the support of her “church family” and the paratransit system. She is grateful for her paratransit access, but explained that it costs $8 any time she wants to leave her home (which is in a very residential area). In her new home, she no longer faces abuse, but she does face much higher costs, and she has little privacy due to her many roommates. Despite her challenges, Christine explained both her short and long-term goals. In the short term, she plans to begin a swimming program at the YMCA in order to improve her physical well-being, and she plans to continue to pursue her artistic passions through sewing, painting, writing, and doing hair. In the long-term, she hopes to eventually have her own home where she feels safe, stable and healthy. She asked me to share that she is extremely appreciative that the Love from Margot Foundation exists, and she views it as Margot Murphy continuing to give love and strength despite her passing.