Cathy B., a former teacher, loves to walk her dog “Lexi” in the Oakland hills. Lexi has been a comfort to her for the past 8 years as Cathy has been challenged with non-Hodkins Lymphoma and basal cell carcinoma. She finds that being out with her dog gives her an opportunity to fight her isolation, see nature and lessen her “bone-crushing” fatigue. During her teaching career, she loved working with kids in grades 1-3. Cathy says that her personal life is like “a bad country song”. Her husband left her two years ago and she continues to deal with debt that he accrued. She describes her journey with cancer as “hideous” and states that she would not have pursued treatment had she known what it would entail. After hearing her story the Love from Margot Foundation gave her a financial grant so that she could get new glasses and repair her car.