market_pharmacy_tana_ms5179With all the high-technology being used to treat disease today, it’s curious that so many alternative therapies seem to also be proven to actually work. This is because the wisdom that is behind these alternatives approaches has been around for millennia, and with outlets like the Internet and social media, they are increasingly being rediscovered.

One discovery that these alternative approaches use that is confirmed by science is that everything in nature vibrates. From the nucleus of an atom to the molecules of our body, to organs, bodily systems, the brain, and even extending to light, sound, plants, animals, Earth, space, the universe—everything is vibrating. Why this is important to alternative healers is they believe that the key to all health problems is in the way our bodies, etc. vibrate. This ‘vibrational medicine’ by includes therapies based on sound waves, magnets, and the electromagnetic pull of the planets like the moon.

Ideas like these have long been derided as “woo-woo” by mainstream science. But the fact is that medical science is actually discovering they really can cure a huge number of serious diseases—from from erectile dysfunction to tumors — using vibrations and magnets. And so it seems that the claims of alternative healers that ‘healing vibrations’ can cure everything from cancer to mental disorders is proving to be true.

sound_waveFor example, sound vibrations are proving to have curative powers, as studies are now showing. In the US, scientists are using pulses of ultrasound to treat brain diseases like as epilepsy and Parkinson’s. Laboratory experiments demonstrate that highly-targeted pulses can change the way specific brain cells operate by either stimulating them (which is why it would be used for Parkinson’s, because it causes brain cells to die off), or making them inert (which could be used for over-excited cells in epilepsy).

These pulsed ultrasound approaches can also be used for treating brain diseases without any invasive brain surgery according to William Tyler, a neuroscientist at Arizona State University, who is leading the experiments. “Our method paves the way for using sound waves to diagnose and treat brain dysfunction,” said Tyler when interviewed about it. Ultrasound is also being in the UK as a treatment for prostate cancer. Using a system called High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, cancer cells are “burned out” with a powerful beam of sound waves that makes them heat up and burn out.

The hope for all these non-invasive approaches is that they can be used to avoid the unpleasant side-effects of conventional treatments for such diseases as tumors and cancer. And the hope beyond that is that someday they actually will work better—making the “woo woo” people who have been claiming for centuries to heal others by fixing their vibrations, right!

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