Bianca C. has a persevering spirit that can be felt even over the phone. She is a single mother of two young children- six and eight years old- and she continues to fight through her illness for them. She was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer (metastasis to the bones) in March of 2015 and has undergone extensive treatment to prevent its further spread and alleviate her symptoms. She undergoes chemotherapy every 3 weeks and pursues alternative treatments as often as she is able in order to keep her weakening body more comfortable. She works very hard at a job she loves in a neighborhood health center that assists people who are homeless and those who are re-entering the community after time in prison. She loves her job and continues to work despite her illness. She also continues to take English classes and hopes to one day take medical classes so that she can work in the medical field. She cares for her two children and herself on her small salary from the health center, and receives minimal assistance from the father of her children. She has no family living in the United States, and she relies primarily on the emotional support of her coworkers and her medical team.

Bianca has used the financial grant from the Love from Margot Foundation to help pay for her childcare cost, rent and other utilities. Bianca continues to persevere despite all of her obstacles, and she continued to express gratitude for all of the incredible assistance she has been able to find in the community.