Beth’s Story

Beth applied to Love from Margot Foundation early summer of 2012 with Stage 2 breast cancer. She had learned about the foundation through the Women’s Cancer Resource Center in Oakland and she had been making ends meet through other cancer organizations, donations, and relatives. The Love from Margot Foundation provided Beth with a total of $6,000 in financial support to help cover the expenses of her treatment and meet bill obligations to support her family while she was unemployed.

Beth’s Testimonial

Hello, My name is Beth O’Brien. I am 59 years old, and was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in December of 2011. I had recently lost my job due to budget cuts, so this was very difficult to deal with all at once. Of course, even though we hear the statistics, not one of us probably ever thought that it would be me. I know I didn’t. As I stumbled through the maze of choices, decisions, information, resources, and trying to figure out what the best treatment plan for me was, all the while I also had to try to find some source of income. It isn’t easy to search for employment knowing that you may not be able to make a commitment to the employer. After a lumpectomy, I decided that I would explore other options besides traditional chemotherapy and radiation. That’s when they discovered another “mass” on my right ovary. After more surgery to remove the ovary, I was left weak but obviously very grateful that it was benign. I had received some financial help from my church, as well as a couple of well-known breast cancer foundations. Someone then told me about Love From Margot. I went to the website and knew IMMEDIATELY that this foundation was different. I could just feel the love pouring through the monitor screen! After I contacted them, I was amazed and relieved at the process and was deeply, deeply grateful that it seemed that someone on the other end of the line not only understood what I was going through, but expressed genuine compassion, understanding, and caring. I simply could not have survived this past year without this financial help. After I read the story of Margot, I was in tears and knew that I would do everything I could to help this organization. It’s really the love that heals! I hope everyone reading this will donate whatever they can to help others regain their health, peace of mind, and ability to “pay it forward.

Beth O’Brien