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I envision a world in which those who fall sick are never alone, never forced to make a medical decision based on economic factors, and never lose their dignity while battling to survive their illness. This vision includes the empowerment of the sick to make all of the difficult decision that come with facing a serious illness with a healthy heart and a healthy soul.

Chemotherapy-how did mustard gas from a blown up WWII ship get into your veins?

Thomasina Copenhaver–How many people ask their MD questions about chemotherapy? Have you ever wondered how such a toxic substance (so toxic that those who administer it must wear gowns and gloves) became the “standard of care” for cancer? The truth of its origin is as far away from a scientific laboratory as one could

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Is cancer treatment too profitable to ever be cured?

This is a question that troubles many people I know, me included. To try to find an answer, I’ve interacted with many cancer researchers since my wife Margot’s death. What I’ve learned is that finding a cancer cure remains a difficult area for researchers. And there are many intelligent, eager researchers who are trying to

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More on Nivolumab—British Lung Cancer Patient Recovers After Being Given 2 Weeks to Live

Photo Credit: Dr. Sircus Another instance of the “miracle drug” Nivolumab has literally saved the life of a terminally ill cancer patient in the UK who was given just two weeks to live. The patient, Simon Lamont-Brown, 50, was in a hospice and near death from lung cancer. Lamont-Brown was diagnosed with lung

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A Young Mother Funds Her Own Alternative Cancer Treatment and Wins

Photo credit: hallelujah Diet Even so early in the New Year miracle stories about alternative treatments for people struggling with cancer are coming out. Two weeks ago, a British paper the Press Reader reported on a young mother who was given weeks to live. Instead of believing what the doctors told her, she funded

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Spontaneous Regression: Current Day Miracles Cure Cancers

With all the news that loved ones are struggling with and even being taken by cancer, increasingly patients are making unexpected recoveries.  The question is:  Can these cases provide vital clues for tackling cancer? Recently in the UK, the case of a 74-year-old woman baffled doctors.  Initially reporting a rash that wouldn’t go away, by

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Latest Cancer Breakthrough: There May Soon be a Vaccine

2016 was quite a year for many reasons. One reason is that a 'vaccine' breakthrough may be able to cure cancer and even stop it from returning. How is this possible? Scientists are now injecting two chemotherapy drugs into tumors and finding it is kick-starting the immune system to fight back. The breakthrough was in

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