Andrea B. is a delightful 47-year-old single parent who was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer in January of 2012. Prior to her diagnosis she was working full time, and because of her aggressive treatment, she had to go on State Disability. Her employer eliminated all of their employees’ health insurance benefits some time ago, but when she noticed the lump in her breast she was diligently doing what she could to find out what was wrong.

Andrea’s mother had died of breast cancer three years ago when she was diagnosed with stage IV disease. Andrea took incredible care of her mother to allow her to die at home.

Although Andrea has had great difficulty with the side effects of chemotherapy, she understands that her best chance of beating this disease is to be compliant with all aspects of her treatment. With her State Disability as her only source of income, paying rent in a timely manner has been difficult. Her adult daughters and boyfriend also help with rent; but one daughter makes limited wages and the other daughter is disabled and living on SSI. Andrea has always paid her rent on time until her diagnosis this year.

The Love from Margot Foundation was able to step in to help Andrea meet her rent and take care of other expenses.