Amanda’s Story

The love from Margot Foundations first support recipient was named Amanda Parish and was the primary inspiration for the foundation. When I first met Amanda she was a 38 year old African American mother of three. She only had Medicare with no supplemental private insurance. The Love From Margot Foundation paid for her expenses in relation to her radiation treatment and paid for supplemental chemotherapy that Medicare would not pay for. In addition, there were many other expenses primarily treatment not covered by Amanda’s Medicare insurance but in short we estimate the foundation paid for roughly $12,000 in expenses. Moreover, the founder of the Love from Margot Foundation spent numerous hours with her, especially during the last five days of Amanda’s life providing a support system that helps a person accept and transition into death, a skill set he learned from Dale Borglum, founder of the Living Dying Project.

Amanda’s Testimonial

The Love From Margot Foundation has helped me in so many ways, I was already flooded with bills from past treatments of stage 4 breast cancer so now I was trying to penny pinch so to speak, thinking of my loved ones and how hard it would be to pay off these bills if something were ever to happen to me. Margot’s foundation gave me room to breathe, I did not have to ask how much is this or what is this going to cost or if they had something cheaper. Love From Margot Foundation has eased my mind. Stressing about financial issues just makes the pain worse and studies have shown that stress often enhanced the process of cancer growth. I am now able to enjoy life more abundant and not worry about penny pinching, I am now more assured that I am getting the best quality care and can still laugh and play with my children. Margot must have been an amazing woman, so compassionate about helping others; I wish I could give her a big hug and thank her for sending me love through this foundation.

Love, Amanda

From The “Thank You” Card Sent by Amanda’s Family

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you’ve done for our mom and family. No words can explain how grateful we are to have you in our lives. You have forever touched our lives & hearts.

With Love, Samantha and Anaiah, Shanti & Charlotte Parrish