Alma is a 43 year old woman who lives in San Pablo, CA. Alma moved to the USA from Guadalajara when her mother passed away. Speaking no english and not having an education, the only employment Alma could find was in cleaning homes. During her diagnosis of breast cancer her doctor told Alma that working with heavy chemicals for so many years may have contributed to the cause of her cancer. Alma immediately quit her job and has been undergoing chemotherapy while looking for work and accepting help from her friends and community.

Alma’s biggest concern is providing for her 14 year old daughter, who worries about her daily. Alma lost her hair as a result to chemo and Alma could care less about her lack of hair but expressed to me that it was a turning point for her daughter. That is when Alma knew she needed to reach out for help, she wanted to alleviate her daughters fears as best she could. The Love from Margot foundation was able to provide Alma with a financial grant to help her pay her rent, get groceries and help pay for her transportation to and from her chemo appointments.