Adam’s Story

Mike Murphy, Founder of The Love from Margot Foundation and his two sons reached out to a young man who was homeless in the streets of San Francisco and addicted to heroin. Murphy, through the foundation, offered support to treat Adam’s heroin addiction by paying for a detox service as well as paying for continued addiction treatment support at a recovery center in Iowa. Adam accepted Murhpy’s offer and is currently at the recovery center receiving treatment. The foundation paid $27,000 for Adam’s detox services and extended rehabilitation treatment. In, addition, the foundation has offered to pay for an after-care program to ensure Adam’s recovery. The Murphy’s extended this support this because Adam’s family was stretched financially as they were currently paying for the mother’s life-saving double lung transplant.

Adam’s Poem

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I envision a world in which those who fall sick are never alone, never forced to make a medical decision based on economic factors, and never lose their dignity while battling to survive their illness. This vision includes the empowerment of the sick to make all of the difficult decision that come with facing a serious illness with a healthy heart and a healthy soul.

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