LFM CLIENT MUNA & SONMuna is a 47 year old woman currently living in Alameda, CA. Here is the letter we received from her:

“My name is Muna and I am from Sudan. I came to the United States five years ago in order to offer a better life and opportunity to my three children. One is attending University, one is applying for colleges and my daughter is a straight A student. About four years ago I started having heart problems. I underwent a surgery and a year later the same problem appeared again. Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was expecting it because three of my sisters and my mom died of breast cancer, plus my older sister was just diagnosed about two years ago. It has been to juggle everything with my illness. I cannot work because of my health and my only income is from child support, CalWorks and food stamps. I am currently half-way through chemotherapy and am happy to have my family support me through this journey. I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide.”

Muna came into Love from Margot with her 17-year old son who acts as her translator. Despite the language barrier, the emotion Muna expressed didn’t need any translation. She was full of fear and sorrow, mostly for her children. Muna expressed to us that her biggest source of pain was because of her 12 year old daughter, as Muna was the same age when her mother passed away from breast cancer. Muna was diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy and is preparing for a double mastectomy, and possibly a full hysterectomy. Muna’s son spoke up and expressed in his own words the way they worried about explaining to his younger sister what this surgery means, hoping to spare her from any more pain that she has already suffered.

The Love from Margot Foundation was able to provide Muna with a financial grant, a water purifier and a couple of new hats and scarfs because the one she was wearing to cover her head was her sons old winter hat. Muna’s son also asked if there was any work for him to do part-time so that he could help provide for his family. Muna’s determination to stay strong for her family has influenced her children in remarkable ways. Her 17 year old son, who also has a 4.1 GPA, spent his lunch break from school translating for his mother, and then asked for any type of job for after school and on weekends. This family leaves us feeling astonished and has renewed my faith in humanity.