Dear Supporters of the Love from Margot Foundation!

Margot3As I was preparing our annual newsletter I really wanted to share a story that exemplifies how fortunate and blessed I feel to serve the courageous woman that come to our foundation for support as they fight the cancer in their body.

Every time I meet with one of our brave clients, I am moved to tears as I listen to their story. I wanted to share these transcendent feelings and experiences with each one of you, but have been unable to figure out how. That is until last week when a lovely and amazing woman showed up in my office.

Miriam is a 49 year old woman with stage 4 breast cancer and she was referred to us by the Shanti Project. To read about Miriam’s story click here.

Every client’s story moves me and not one is more important or dramatic than another, but I will say that Miriam’s is a bit unique due to the fact that she has 10 children, age 3-20. Samir Rohayem, a LFMF board member and I met with Miriam and her husband and we were both greatly moved by this angelic woman. We agreed to provide a financial grant to her while she battles her illness.

Samir and I decided we wanted to do more for this family. Sunday morning before Christmas I called Liza a LFMF donor and volunteer and asked if she could help me, she graciously and gladly agreed. Liza and her eight year-old son Nico spent all morning buying gifts for the children without knowing ages and gender. I located a Santa Claus and we all arrived at the family home on Sunday at 2pm.

I was so moved by this experience I wish to share it with all of you, I hope that you read Miriam’s story and watch this short edited version of our visit to their home. My wish is that you will be inspired and blessed as we were in this video.

Highlights from 2013:

During the year we personally met with and provided financial grants to 25 women with cancer. Grants ranging from $1,500 to $20,000 depending on the particular need and hardship. To see these stories click here,

In addition we donated $150,000 to the Shanti Project in San Francisco so that they could help 150 more women with cancer per year, as a result their woman’s cancer program is now called the Margot Murphy Woman’s Cancer program, to see the beautiful difference they are making in woman’s life click here and watch the video, very powerful!

In August the county hospital in Oakland approached us for a grant so they could avoid laying off a care navigator that takes care of 50 women with breast cancer a year, we provided them with a grant, as seen in this link.

In October Shanti held their 39th annual dinner for over 500 people at the Hilton Hotel in San Francisco and gave away the first Margot Murphy Inspirational Award to one of their clients. Click here to read more about this event.

In November we held a luncheon in Oakland to announce our commitment to open the Margot Murphy Community Center so that our clients will one day have a place to come and support one another. During this event I gave a brief talk that explains why I am so passionate about this foundation. Click here to view this talk.

On November 30th we had a street naming ceremony and luncheon in Cathedral City, what began 3 years ago as a dream is now a reality, Margot Murphy Way is officially built and open, to see it, click here.

Also at the street naming ceremony we announced that LFMF is expanding to Coachella Valley in partnership with Gilda’s Club, we have pledged $100,000 to Gilda Club members in financial aid as they go through their treatment in 2014, see our press site.

At the same event I told the story of Connor and Blue Duke, at the age of 11 Connor did an amazing painting of Margot’s boxer “Duke”. We had available 3 framed prints of this painting, generously donated by Bob and Debbie Spaletto, and 9 other prints, we were blessed to have sold all of these at the event, this money will be used to support our clients in the Coachella Valley, to see and hear the story, you may click here. If you would like to own an autographed print of the painting that oozes love, email me at

I hope you will help us in our mission to serve woman with little or no resources that are battling cancer, I firmly believe that by serving those less fortunate our hearts and souls are eternally blessed and our life here on earth is blessed in a variety ways through our giving! How you can support us and our clients?

Sign up to pray for our clients for 5 minutes a day, I set my IPhone to remind me to pray every morning at 8am, our clients are so appreciative and inspired when I ask them if they would like people to pray for them daily, if you don’t believe in prayer perhaps just send loving healing energy. To sign up, email us at
Volunteer, as we grow and involve we are starting to cultivate a group of volunteers, if you would like to volunteer email
Support us financially on a recurring monthly basis or a one time gift, I can promise you this, every dollar donated goes to one of our clients as I cover any and all overhead. To make a donation, click here today.

As I close this letter I would like to thank each of you for all of your love and support, the more I do this work the more I am convinced of three things:

· Our world desperately needs those of us that can step up and make a difference, to step up and make a difference!

· When we step up and help another soul we are always blessed in some amazing way.

· Be kind and compassionate to everyone, because we never know what they could be enduring.

May God bless you and your loved ones this Christmas and the coming New Year.

Mike Murphy