Margot Uceda Murphy

December 27, 1972-June 18, 2011

This beautiful and amazing woman has been in my life for the past 19 years.

For 10 of those years she was in her body, the past 9 years our relationship has been of the heart and soul.

Every year for the past 9 years I have written about this courageous woman and how she changed everything about me and the direction of my life.

This year, due to the crazy times we find ourselves in, I wish to write about the mystical and magical relationship we have had since she took her last breath on the morning of June 18, 2011.

It started almost immediately and continues to this day, if you read this entire post, perhaps you will find your own spiritual message that will bring you much comfort as we go through these dark days in these uncharted waters.

This journey started the morning of her death, my sister Stacy was hiking in Yosemite when news of Margot’s death reached her. She started to cry and took off running, leaving her friends behind. One friend took off after her, and noticed a beautiful butterfly chasing her. Margot loved butterflies. Stacy stopped running as her friend caught up to her, the butterfly was around her knees, then flew up to her face, and literally looked into her eyes, in that moment Stacy felt Margot’s presence and knew that she was ok.

The next morning my son Christopher went rock climbing, he and his buddy threw the ropes over the cliff and then walked down so that they could climb back up. When Chris went to grab his rope, sitting on the rope was a beautiful butterfly, he felt Margot’s presence and knew that she was ok.

By noon, just one day after her passing, I had heard both of these stories, so for the rest of the day, to whomever would listen, I kept saying, “where is my butterfly story?” I must have said this over 100 times that day. Imagine my shock when at 10 pm that night, a salesperson at my car dealership in Oakland, California, whom I had never met sent me a text message with a picture of butterfly. She wrote, “Mike, I want you to know that this butterfly flew into the showroom today and sat down on the windowsill outside your office, it is called a Mourning Butterfly.” As in mourning over a loss. My car dealership is in downtown Oakland, concrete everywhere, I have owned it since 1996, I had never seen a butterfly anywhere close to it, before or since.

If you think this story is powerful or crazy, it is nothing compared to what came next.

Two weeks after Margot had passed, on our bed, in our bedroom, I walked into the same room to grab something off the bed, all the lights were off. As I got to the bed I was 10 feet front the light switch, all of the spot lights in the ceiling went on and I could immediately feel her presence. It is said that the newly departed can affect electricity, since we are electrical beings.

I could hear her as plain as if she was standing there in body, she was laughing in the way that only she could laugh when she was in body, she had the kind of personality that could literally light up a room when she entered it, and now she was doing it for me. Then she spoke, “you are not going to believe this, in fact they hardly ever allow this, but they are allowing me to stay here and be your guide.”

Ok, I chuckled, still in shock from the grief of losing her, I can’t wait to see what this means.

Fast forward 6 months, its mid-December and we are having our annual Christmas Party. I had invited 3 couples, mostly her friends, to fly up from Los Angeles to come to the party. One of the husbands flew up the day before for business and was staying at my home. We had a nice chat, and then I headed off to sleep.

While I was sleeping I was suddenly out of my body flying, I felt like a tiny ball of energy, I started going faster and faster, in the distance I saw a doorway, and I knew that if I could get through that doorway, or portal, Margot was there and I could be with her, when I hit the doorway I felt as if I was going 1,000 miles per hour, and boom, I hit it and was thrown back into my body on the bed, I felt as if I bounced a foot in the air, was wide awake and just started laughing out loud at such a bizarre experience.

I told my friend that spent the night and then he headed to the airport to pick up the others. Imagine his surprise, and then mine, when he heard that one of Margot’s friends, Stephanie had the very same dream that same night, 350 miles away in Los Angeles. Stephanie had been trying to conceive a child and had given me a Chrystal and asked me to ask Margot to help, the Chrystal was on my nightstand and I asked every night. In her dream, I was rushing to be with Margot, her doorway was shaped like a heart, and instead of being repelled back into my body, she caught me. Crazy, right? It gets even crazier.

A few months later I did a reading with an incredible and powerful medium, Felix Lerma, a beautiful man. Their were about a dozen things that were told to me from Margot during that session that were incredible, but for the sake of brevity I will focus on just one. Felix says to me, “She wants you to know that she loves it when you talk to her in the car.” From almost the day she had died up to this very day driving to meet with Felix, I would put my elbow on the center console, stretch out my hand to hold hers, and just talk with her. Nobody in the entire world knew that I did this, except, I guess, Margot.

Two months later I received an excited test from one of her friends, I had a reading when I was in Sedona last weekend, I have a message for you from Margot, she said, “tell him I love him, then she said, there are times he talks to me and thinks that he is actually looking at me, and that I am sitting right next to him. I am….Tell him he is not going crazy and that I am there.” Then she added, referring to herself, I started balling, and then, so did I.

What she didn’t know, what no one knew, is that after my reading with Felix, while holding her hand and speaking to her in the car, I would now look over to the empty seat as if she was actually sitting there! And according to her friend Temy’s reading, she was!

Hopefully you are still with me, because now I am going to share the most powerful experience I have had, which has given me a beautiful spiritual philosophy that has eliminated all fear from my life, and especially the fear of death.

Just a few months after this I was sleeping again when I found myself once again flying through space out of my body, then in a blink, I was back in my body, walking on a beautiful path, to my left was a beautiful ocean (Margot loved the ocean), to my right the most beautiful people sitting at tables eating the most delicious looking food.

Beautiful people were walking towards me while others were walking in front of me in the same direction. Everything was beautiful and perfect, but what I was certain of, is that Margot was there, somewhere. I started to look for her. Then I saw her walking towards me, she was beautiful as always, but somehow different. She then looked to a friend sitting at a table near me, they didn’t speak words, it was more of a telepathic conversation, a meeting of the minds, but I could also hear, or read their minds. Her friend asked, “Is that him?” “Yes” Margot responded, then in a flash she had her arms around my neck and she whispered, “you can’t be here.” And I was immediately thrown back into my body on the bed, laughing again, but, this time deep in thought.

A few years ago, after a very powerful Ayahuasca ceremony in Colombia, I was shown that we are spirit, soul, heart, essence trapped into an animal body. We urinate, defecate and fornicate, just like animals, but because of our spirit/soul, we are so much more powerful! And this is my message for today.

Guard your soul, with all of your might. Our souls are eternal and timeless. My research, along with my spirit, tells me that the people that rule this dimension called earth, or as I call it, the physical world, have sold their soul, to the dark side, devil, or evil, whatever term you want to use. And they know that they can never ascend higher, that they will reincarnate back here, that is why they are organized and plan for our demise (loss of soul), over centuries.

We just can’t comprehend this, we have our soul, our conscience, and we think in terms of today, or a year or two at the most, we love, we care, we have families, and frankly we don’t understand the depth of the evil around us, although every day that goes by, it’s becoming more obvious.

What I have come to believe, is that if we question everything here and seek the truth, and help to curtail the evil, and hold onto our soul, we can ascend to a higher dimension. I honestly believe that I was there, in that dimension, just for a minute, the bodies appeared to be made of light, that is why Margot looked a little different. And imagine if we could read each other’s thoughts and minds, no drama, no deceit, no racism, just peace love and joy, which is my wish for you!

My life continues to be blessed, I have a beautiful new wife, we both believe that Margot, and perhaps other beautiful departed souls brought us together.

I still feel guided, even more so today, and when I can get out of my own way and let life evolve, as opposed to forcing it, I can create a beautiful life. But I also believe that we all need to unite, and stop this divide and conquer technique that is being used to destroy us and the future of our children and grandchildren!!!!

Note: These are my experiences and my philosophy that arose out of those experiences. I do not need anyone to agree with me, or accept my beliefs. I do believe that some will resonate with these experiences while others may be skeptical, to which I say, to each their own. This belief system serves me and brings me peace, hopefully it may provide some hope to those that need it in these difficult time.

Namaste………mike murphy